Tuesday, May 17, 2011

six months of parenthood

(photo taken by Mom)

Well, we've officially been parents now for 6 entire months! The good news is Cooper is still alive and very healthy!
No matter what people tell you, you cannot be prepared for the gamut of emotions you go through being a new parent.

In the past 6 months I can safely say we've gone through the following emotions and feelings:

Happy, scared, worried, proud, tired, exhausted, frustrated, victorious, puzzled, baffled, stressed, amazed, worried (again),
did I mention tired and exhausted?, comforted, and back to happy.


We are stunned (another emotion) at how both long and very short the past 6 months have seemed. Cooper's little personality is really starting to show and it's clear he will be keeping us on our toes for many, many years to come! And I'm sure we will love every single moment.


beautifully, suddenly said...

Congratulations (on surviving, lol). Cooper is a beautiful little boy and I'm sure that you are wonderful parents :)

stacey said...

This photo makes my heart smile :)