Saturday, September 4, 2010

the Speers Family - Southern Ontario Family Photographer

Facebook is amazing. It has allowed us to reconnect with people whom, due to our hectic lives and schedules, we may have lost touch with over the years.
Jenn is a friend of mine from back in my college years. She sent me a message and asked if I could take some photos of her family. Of course I would!

We had kept in touch a bit and I was a guest at her and Mike's wedding a few years ago, but since we just hadn't had much chance to get together. Their family has grown and now they have two amazing girls. We finally found a chance to hang out again and to get some nice family shots in the park on a hot summer afternoon.

The girls were full of energy despite the heat. Keeping up with them was tricky!
We found whatever shade we could and made the most of the afternoon.

I had a great time photographing your family guys!! And I really hope we get to hang out again sooner this time!!


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